What is executive coaching and business coaching?

Executive and Business Coaching is a 1-on-1 interactive relationship between a coach and a client. It is a collaborative
partnership focused on helping your leaders and teams reach peak performance, increase their productivity, and develop
more effective leadership skills in their workplace resulting in significant corporate growth and profitability faster than you
could on their own.

What does the coach do?

A coach is not a psychotherapist, counselor, mentor, or consultant. The coach challenges, listens, remains objective,
offers support and encouragement, and maintains confidentiality. A coach helps you focus on the present and the future.
A coach helps you to define your goals, vision, passion and dreams. A coach also helps you identify your
strengths and opportunities for learning and growth, assists you in setting concrete, measurable goals, and works with
you to create and execute an action plan that gets the results you want. A coach leads you through a process of
self-discovery and self-directed problem-solving. Above all, a coach pushes you to stretch and to achieve and holds
you accountable.

Who uses a coach?

Successful people work with a coach. Even those at the top – star athletes, performing artists, executives,
government officials – still use coaches. Why? Because they are on a journey of continuous self-improvement.

The successful coaching client is open-minded, willing to change and to receive feedback. He or she completes
assignments, communicates openly and honestly and accepts personal responsibility and accountability

What is the Return on Investment (ROI) of business coaching
and executive coaching?

It would be unethical to guarantee a specific outcome for a client. With many years of experience helping many
leaders, managers, and executives discover and implement cutting-edge leadership development techniques that
rapidly enhance their skills, increase productivity, and improve their company's bottom lines. Coaching can help
you achieve maximum results for your time, efforts, and resources.

There is a reason why more and more companies are regularly using executive coaching—because it works!

Why do you offer a complimentary session?

The complimentary 30 minute session is designed to get to know you and your situation before offering to coach
you around a specific goal, obstacle, or topic. We want you to experience the power of coaching firsthand and then
let you make the decision as to whether or not it would benefit you.

At the end of the complimentary session we will simply ask you if you want to continue the coaching relationship
and if you chose not to, that's ok. Coaching is not for everyone. We must believe you are a good fit, that we can
help you achieve your stated goals and outcomes, and that you are ready to be coached.

How much does coaching cost?

There are several coaching packages available. The cost varies depending your particular needs and the package
that suits you. I will answer any questions you have about pricing once we determine what coaching package
will serve you best. Contact me to set up an interview.