212 Degree: The Extra Degree Difference

by Elizabeth A. Bert on January 19th, 2012

One degree makes the difference. A way to achieve results beyond your
wildest expectations. Just like it is in life and business, the difference
between running with the pack and leading the pack is that small extra
degree of effort,focus and determination. The "extra degree" is something
we can all apply...everyday

212º A Way to Think

Add a few extra degree hours each month for your professional development.
That an investment in your most valuable asset "YoU"

Give a few extra hours each month to your organization efforts.
At the end of the year, that's a full workweek of effort

212º A Way to Impact Others

Make a Commitment to give one extra degree of service to a co-worker, family member,
or valued customer each week. That's 52 moments of kindness each year.

212º A Way to Make a Difference

Eliminate 1/2 hour of television each day.
That's 185.2 extra degree hours each year to devote to your family

With 212º awareness comes responsibility..a responsibility to act .
It's Your Life . You are responsible for your results. Results that can take
you beyond your wildest expectations.
It's Time to Act!

Question: Which one goal are you willing to give the "extra degree?"

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