Identity You! Leverage the Power of Personal Branding
for Professional Success

Do you know your personal career brand image?
Do you have a strong sense of your brand message? Whether you are an employee in a company or an entrepreneur, you need to stand out from myriad others so that you can be in control of your business or career.

Your personal brand image, the value that others
perceive you possess in your role in the workforce or a business owner, is something you
can develop, shape, and control. Branding is what makes you unique and better than all your competition in the marketplace.

How To Turn Unexpected Transitions Into Opportunities for Reinvention

Do you dread the notion of touting your own accomplishments? Do you think self-promotion smacks of showing off? If so, you may be a manager who is missing out on the upside of visibility. Self-promotion is increasingly important for career success, but it also offers benefits to your group and the organization.Learn the fine art of getting noticed- the right way.

Women in Leadership: Navigating the Narrow Band and Balance Beam

Today, women make up about 23 percent of chief executives of all organizations including presidents of colleges and universities. Yet only three percent of Fortune 500 companies have females at the helm. Is the glass ceiling the cause, or is something else going on? Moving beyond the image of breaking the glass ceiling; instead lets examine the obstacles, pressures and trade-offs women face at every stage of their careers.

Improving Productivity : The Edge You Need to Generate the Results You Want

Are many of your projects failing outright while others lag behind schedule? Are some projects not delivering the expected results? Improving productivity is more than just a matter of working faster; it's about accomplishing better results with limited resources.

Building Socially Intelligent Leaders and Teams

Are you a great leader of merely a good one? Beyond our industry smarts, toughness and on-job technical skills, our competencies for Social Intelligence enable us to manage ourselves, and work with others, in highly effective ways. Go beyond your industry smarts, toughness and on-job technical skills. Learn how to take your leadership to the next level.

Greater Than Yourself Leadership: Selling Yourself Without Selling Out

In the middle of a life transition? Whether it was inflicted upon you with the loss of a job,
or maybe brought on of your own accord in an effort to make this year more meaningful than the last, change is never easy. Stress in one area of life can lead to an unraveling of another, triggering a negative series of events. How can you stop that kind of cycle before it begins… and make change work for (instead of against) you.

Improve Problem-Solving Skills

When it comes to problem solving, you've certainly had your days in the sun. You've managed to rearrange even the most conflicting schedules, bringing you ever closer to a beautiful career and life – all without cloning yourself. But the higher you move up the ranks at work, the more conundrums you have to work out – sometimes before your second cup of coffee. Need some pointers?